Cadillac Northstar Starter Replacement

Category: Auto Tuning

northstar engine  If your car won’t start, there are a few things to try. First charge the battery for awhile or have it load tested at a car parts store. If the battery holds a charge the alternator may be faulty. If the engine clicks but will not turn over after you have verified that the battery is bad, you may have a bad starter. This is a starter replacement on a 1995 cadillac sts with northstar engine. The starter on the northstar is located below the intake manifold. To the left you will see the picture of the engine. There are four plastic nuts on the top of the engine cover shown. They will need to be removed to access the engine’s intake manifold. Below the cover in the picture you will see the four spark plug wires.

intake manifold

Take the spark plug wires off carefully and label them or keep them in order so they will be easy to reinstall later. The red arrow points to two things that will need to be removed. The hose clamp will need to be loosened so that the air hose can be removed from the intake manifold. There is also a hose that connects to the top of the main intake hose that will need to be removed. The yellow arrows also point to the intake bolts that will need to be removed. The yellow arrow to the top right points to another air hose that will also need to be removed. Straight behind this hose is a bolt in a block that will need to be removed. When everything is loosened up the intake will lift up easily. Place a solid bar across the engine, laying below the intake to hold it up.

cadillac intake

Be careful to not drop anything into the eight intake holes shown in the picture. Before reinstalling the intake manifold carefully clean around the ports to make sure nothing is laying on a surface that needs to seal. You can see in the picture below where the starter is located. The two circles on the top show the nuts that attach the starter to the engine block. Before you remove the cables to the right make sure the battery cables are both removed, or damage can occur. The cables on the right will need to be removed now you can do this with or without the starter still bolted up to the engine. There are tabs on the large cable to ensure that it is positioned correctly when reinstalled. Do the reverse of this process when installing the new starter.

 cadillac starter