Cam Position Sensor Replacement

Category: Auto Tuning

sunfire engine

 This is an article on how to replace a camshaft position sensor on a sunfire or cavalier 2.2 liter engine. The engine uses this for the timing of the engine and without it, the engine may not run at all. The cam position sensor could also intermittenly cause running or starting issues. If the engine backfires from another problem, it could cause the computer to show an error even if the sensor is working correctly. The arrow in the picture points in the general location of the camshaft sensor which is located on the backside of the engine. First you will need to remove the top air hose which is also located in front the arrow.

 There is a hose clamp on the right and left side that will need to be unscrewed. The left side will need to come out farther since a tube extends up inside of it. There is a clip that holds the two cables you see in the picture that is easily snapped to release them. There is also an air temperature sensor in the tube that can be removed or just set the tube aside as I did. Next the air box located to the left of the air tube will need to be removed to see the sensor.

sunfire airbox

This is the bottom of the airbox that needs to be removed. You will notice the screw to loosen the clamp is located to the left of the bottom arrow. When you go to reinstall the airbox it needs to slide between the two pieces shown in the bottom arrow.

fuel rail cover

Next the bolts and nuts need to be removed to remove this cover for access to the cam position sensor. The arrows above point to what needs to be removed.

 sunfire throttle body

This is what it will look like with the fuel rail cover removed. This is the tough part as you look around the intake manifold at the backside of the engine. There is not a lot of extra space but there is enough room to fit your arm through.

cam position sensor location

Here is a view of the cam sensor on the back of the engine block. The arrow points to the clip that will need to be pulled off of the sensor A small bolt will need to be removed from the sensor as shown below and you will be able to pull it loose from the engine block. You will also see that there is an o ring to seal it to the engine. When reinstalling the new camshaft position sensor be careful to not force it in hard, wiggle it around while pushing it in. Forcing it in straight could damage the o ring and create a leak.

cam position sensor