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 If your car revs up when it shifts or when the gas is stepped on, the transmission filter may need to be replaced. This generally happens by the time a vehicle has reached 100,000 miles. The transmission filter should actually be replaced every 60,000 miles. Always check the transmission fluid level first, since this can cause the same problems. Almost all automatic transmission filters are the same to replace, this transmission is from a 1991 mustang. The bolts shown, run all the way around the transmission pan and will all need to be removed. Place a catch pan underneath the trans pan so it can catch the fluid that it will leak out.

auto trans











Now the transmission pan has been dropped. The arrow points at the transmission filter which will sit at the bottom of the transmission block. The filter will have a bolt that holds it up. Once the bolt is removed the filter will come down with a little bit of force.

trans filter

Here is the new filter, although it looks much different than the original it fits the same and will work fine. The hole in the center is the bolt that holds it up. Below is the picture of the dropped transmission pan. The yellow arrow points at the long bolt that holds the filter up. The green arrow points at the transmission pan gasket that will need to be scraped off and replaced. After the filter has been replaced you will also need to clean the pan out as it may have a grey powered substance in it. The red arrow points at the pan magnet which will catch the majority of the grey substance. The grey powder comes from the wear of the clutches within the trans. This magnet will need to be completely clean as will the rest of the pan. After the pan is reinstalled the vehicle will need to be refilled with transmission fluid until it’s full. The vehicle should now work o.k. unless the transmission clutches have worn out. If this is the case the transmission will need to be rebuilt.

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