Cooling Fan Motor

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cooling fan
If a cooling fan will not turn on as the temperature reaches 200 degrees F, the fan motor may need to be replaced. To remove the fan on a 1995 Cadillac STS, start by removing the front plastic guard. Many other cars cooling fans are almost identicle to this set up and can be repaired in the same way. The plastic “trees” that hold the guard on will often break, so beware.

northstar engine
Remove the guard then remove the three bolts that hold the motor mount in place. With those bolts loose, you will be able to rotate the dogbone mount to the back.
motor mount
Next remove the radiator hose and move it out of the way.
radiator hose
Then remove the top two bolts that hold the cooling fan bracket in place. The bottom of the cooling fan bracket is slid into a rubber mount and will only need to be lifted straight up to be removed. This type of a mount is much nicer than the type that are also bolted on the bottom. There is not enough room to bring the fan straight up and out so the fan blade will need to be removed. The bolt on this paticular fan is 13mm and has a lefthand thread, opposite the normal direction. Secure the fan blade in one hand and rotate the center bolt loose with the other. Then remove the cooling fan blade, disconnect the wires running to the fan and then remove the motor and bracket.

The motor is held to the bracket by three 10mm bolts that are easily removed. Insert the new cooling fan motor and bolt it up in the same position as the last one.
cooling fan bracket
Slide the assembly back in first then reconnect the cooling fan plug. Check it’s direction before trying to force the plug back in. Now insert the fan blade back on to the shaft and tighten the bolt back up. When the blade is tight reinsert the assembly back into the bottom mount. Reconnect the radiator hose. Reconnect the top fan bolts, then the motor mount. You will also need to add some coolant to your engine. Finish replacing the shield and keep an eye on it once the car reaches normal operating temperature. Never stick your hand close to the blades as it can turn on at any time. You will see and probably hear the fan spinning when it turns on. If this was not your problem then make sure you temperature sensor is working correctly.