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Motorcycles like Honda, Harley, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and BMW are some of the main competitors in todays production motorcycles. Many motorcycles purchases are based on rider preferences like cruisers, choppers, sportbikes, off road dirt bikes, touring, sport touring, standard, naked bikes, and Dakar style adventure trailie motorbikes. All of these motorcycles have different levels of performance. Street bikes are usually v twin or inline four cylinder bikes that can make power from the teens to 180+ horsepower stock!


Street bikes are becoming lighter and more technically advanced all the time. Many people are customizing their bikes with stretched forks, extended swing arms, big fat rear tires, huge hp motors, and lots of art which is what Harleys and custom bikes are all about. Off road motorcycles are generally one cylinder engines, which were generally two stroke engines but are now mostly four stroke engines. Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Husqvarna and many other dirt bikes have worked very hard to substantualy lower the weight of these machines to accept the generally heavier four stroke engine. Sport motorcycles have considerably lowered their weight. The specs on these high performance bikes are incredible. Many of the 1000 cc motorcycles now weigh around 400 lbs. That is the weight that a 600 cc motorcycle would have made only a few years back. The 600 cc engines make 110+ horsepower stock! This is almost as much as the 1000 cc bikes of a few years back. The 600 cc motorcycles can accelerate better than the old 1000cc bikes due to the even lighter weight. Motorcycle chassis technology has also come a long way as the bikes become better handling machines all the time. Today’s 600′s can run the quarter mile in under 10 seconds! Stock 1200 cc bikes can run under 9 second quarter mile times! That is incredibly fast regardless of the motorcycle. Many cycles now come with fuel injection, smoother suspensions that handle better, and many options such as anti lock brakes! Motorcycles are becoming more popular because they can be very cheap to insure, are just plain fun to drive, have a ton of power and style and get great fuel mileage. Regardless of what style of motorcycle you like, there’s sure to be something you will want to own.