Mustang Performance Intake and Carb Swap

Category: Auto Tuning

1966 mustang

This is an intake manifold and carburetor (carb) swap for a 1966 mustang. The engine is a 289 ci v-8 engine. The stock intake manifold will be replaced with an edelbrock performer aluminum intake which is lighter and makes more horsepower. The stock carb or carburetor will be replaced with an aftermarket edelbrock carb. The new carb should make the car start and run better and maybe make a little more power also. The edelbrock carb has an electric choke which will idle high when it’s cold and then down when it’s warmed up. This carb is superior to the original.

mustang engine

Here is the stock carburetor and intake manifold before the swap. The first thing that will need to be done is to remove the air cleaner shown in the top middle to access the carb.

mustang 289 engine

Next it’s time to remove the distributor, although this doesn’t need to be done, it makes things alot easier. Remember to first remove the cap and rotate the engine to top dead center. There is only one bolt under the distributor that holds it down. The coil has been removed and would need to be reinstalled except that it will be removed due to a msd distributor upgrade. 

choke tube

Next it’s time to remove the intake bolts and disconnect all the hoses and lines including the old choke tube that will not be reused. The carb linkage will also need to be removed. It is also a good idea to stuff a rag in the distributor hole so that nothing will accidentally fall in it.

mustang carb

Here it is stripped down and ready to be lifted off the engine.

intake valley

This is the intake valley after the intake manifold has been removed. There are already new gaskets in this picture, but when the intake first comes off you will need to scrape the old gaskets off carefully. To prevent getting trash into the engine cover the black area shown with rags so that any dirt will fall on them and can be lifted out with the rag. When placing the new gaskets on the engine place the blue ones on first then apply silicone where the cork front and rear gaskets meet. Apply the silicone on the entire cork gasket to ensure it seals.

intake and carb

Here is the intake manifold and new carb tightened down. Note that an msd distributor has also been installed, it’s an easy time to upgrade as it was removed anyways. Many things such as the fuel line and linkage may need to be modified. The linkage may need to be custom bent rod as this one was. This carb is an electric choke meaning you will need to provide a 12 volt wire to the choke. The wire will need to supply 12 volts only when the key is turned and the engine is running and not powered when the engine is not running. Next you may need to adjust the idle speed so that it is correct after the engine is warm. There should be direction to help you with any other details of you particular setup.