Pontiac solstice

Category: Cool Cars

American soil is about to be graced with a two seater sports car origionating from it’s own soil! And the solstice is a very stylish car! This from a company that once had a very capable 2 seat sports car called the fiero. Pontiac’s first fieros released were done prematurely and gave the teriffic later cars a bad reputation. Pontiac left the market saying that two seat cars were no longer interesting to the public. Only to have the mazda miata sucessfully enter the market immeadiately after. On a positive note pontiac is ready to re-enter the market with a very capable car. The two seater roadster has a hideaway soft top that manually retracts. The solstice will come standard with a five speed manual transmission with overdrive. The solstice will come equiped with a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine. The engine will have an output of 177 horsepower. With an engine displacement of 2.4 liters the aftermarket is sure to brew up some high performance parts. The solstice is sure to be a hit at it’s salesprice of just under $20,000.