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nissan 300zxA lot of cool cars were made in the 1980′s and many can be bought for cheap. Many of these sport cars can handle and perform equal or better than many new cars for similar or less money. There were impressive import and domestic cars and a reasonable variety of each. Lets go through a list of cars by their manufacturers starting with domestic cars. Unfortunately tightened emission specs limited the horsepower potential of the 1980′s era cars, so some cars will be judged more on their handling abilities. One way to beat the stricter emissions standards was to use a smaller engine with a turbo to increase the horsepower.


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Bio-diesel is a type of diesel being blended as an alternative fuel. Generally vegetable or animal oils can be used. Many different mixes of bio diesel are used. With no modifications to vehicles some people use up to 20 percent and from 50% to 70% on modified engines. First the bio diesel has to go through a chemical separation process where the glycerin has to “fall out” of it. This is called transesterification and is done with the use of methanol and lye. Neither chemicals are great to work with but it can be safe with pre cautioned use. Generally clean oils are used to avoid the acidic state of used cooking oil. Some people don’t mind the extra work to cleanse used oil, because the oil can be extremely cheap and many times is free. Fast food places use alot of oil and are glad to get rid of it. Water and acid will need to be removed from the used oils. A washing of the fuel will also need to be done to remove excess methanol, soaps and other contaminants.

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