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The Suzuki v-strom is a very versatile machine. Suzuki wanted to produce a motorcycle that could do a little of everything well. The v-strom is similar to the BMW GS, Triumph tiger, and the other Dakar rally bikes. The emphasis of these bikes toward street riding, especially the DL 1000. The DL 650 is a little lighter and probably reasonable on trails but still oriented toward the street. The horsepower is 62 at 8500 RPM’s and 42 ft/lbs of torque at 7000 RPM’s.


These bikes have won many competitions because they handle well, smooth suspension, you can ride one all day long (comfortably) with a good traveling range, and have descent power. The DL1000 v-strom makes 98 hp@ 7600 RPM, 75 ft/lbs torque@ 6400 RPM and gets 47 MPG. The engine can be modified and many people do. Suzuki put a limiter or restrictor to control the amount of power the motorcycle makes in 5th and 6th gear on us models. Suzuki also limits all gears except 4th on european bikes. There is over 10 hp lost in 6th gear which makes the bike feel sluggish on the interstate. There are many electronic de-restrictors available, but the 6th gear light won’t work with most. Another way to de-restrict the v-strom is to remove the restriction plate which closes off the air like a choke plate. First loosen the fairing on both sides, then the gas tank will have to be removed, also the airbox lid after that. The top plate in the throttle body can be carefully removed by two screws. After this is done there will be no restriction in horsepower left and the bike will accelerate much better. Most people will lose a couple MPG but think the trade off is worth while. People also lower the gearing, and the bike becomes a wheelie monster. Street riders can change air filters to k+n style air filters, but anyone going off road wants a filter with more dust protection. Most leave the stock air filter as it flows very well while stopping most of the dirt. There are many exhaust systems out there, most like any pipes except two brothers pipes, which are a little loud for most. Modifying the stock muffler can be done but is not an easy task. The windshield is probably the most complained about part of the bike, and is usually replaced with a cee baileys style shield. Another popular v-strom modification is to lower the front end by raising the fork tubes. This makes the motorcycle handle much more like a sport bike. The fork tubes should be loosened up one at a time. First measure the height of the tube sticking through the top triple clamp. Loosen the two bolts on the lower clamp, then carefully loosen the top bolts. Loosen the top bolts slowly as the tube will want to expand all the way up, and is hard to re compress. If the top bolts are still snug you should be able to slowly twist and rotate the forks upward. Measure as the tubes go up to keep the sides even. People that use this bike for off road use usually change the tires to knobbies for better traction. The Suzuki v-strom is a very versatile bike that is fun for everyone to ride.