v-twin sport motorbike

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These are some of the hottest v-twin motorbikes available. The Honda RVT RC-51, Aprilia’s RSV 1000 R, Honda VTR 1000 superhawk, Suzuki SV 1000, Ducati 999, Buell 1200, and Suzuki v-strom DL 1000. The v-twin motorbikes are best known for their ability to carve corners. Although the top end horsepower is not as much as an inline four cylinder engine, the torque is far more and comes at a much lower rpm.


The advantage to this is the ability to not have to shift as often to keep the rpm’s high. An inline engine makes it’s horsepower at high rpm’s and the gears have to be close together. V twin engine allow the bike to have a wider geared transmission. These bikes have the feeling of a very small bike due to the narrow layout of the v-twin engine. Ducati led the superbike races for years due to a great chassis and their v-win engine. The inline competitors had to run 750 cc motorbikes instead, due to the horsepower advantage. After Ducati dominating the series for almost a decade, the japanese counter parts decided to jump on the v-twin bandwagon. Many manufacturers are also making street version bikes that have gained much popularity. The Ducati 999 R shows ducati’s passion to beat inline bikes. The engine produces 150 horsepower which is a large accomplishment by any bike of this displacement. This is definately a race only bike and would not be advisable for the street. Ducati makes all v-twin bikes with many street versions also available. The Aprilia is also a bike that stays true to v-twin motorcycles. The Aprilia RSV 1000 R is a race ready bike with 139 horsepower and 76 foot pounds of torque. The Aprilia is a very capable bike on or off the track and also has naked bikes like the tuono 1000 R a very popular street bike with an incredible chassis. Honda decided to set it’s sites on Ducati and produced the RC-51 for track domination. The Honda RVT RC-51 received alot of attention and quickly started winning races at the race track. With an impressive chassis and 126 horsepower and 75 ft/lbs of torque the RC-51 is no slouch. The Honda RC-51 had the ability to make alot more power at the track than it was produced with for the street. Honda made a street version called the superhawk vtr 1000. This is a partially naked bike that makes 104 horsepower and 70 ft/lbs of torque at a low 5500 rpm’s. This makes a fun street ride and has a nice street suspension taht can still hold it’s own in the twisties. Suzuki has leaped into the v-twin market with both feet and looks like they plan to stay there awhile. Suzuki first came out with the TL 1000 a bike meant for racing. It had 115 horsepower and 75 ft/lbs of torque. Unfortunately the Suzuki TL 1000 tried a new style of rotary suspension that many people did not like too much and didn’t gain much popularity at the track. Suzuki did not quit with the TL 1000 as it came out with a new bike the SV 1000. The SV 1000 came out with rave reviews. The suspension is terrific and the motorbike produces 116 horsepower and 75 ft/lbs of torque. This bike and it’s younger brother the SV 650 are very streetable bikes that could compete at the track. The SV models come in a half faring bike and a full naked bike. The price on this bike is also a great deal. Suzuki also has a sport touring/ adventure bike called the v-strom DL 1000. This bike has also won over riders. The v-strom has the ability to go off road but is really intended for the street. It handles well, has descent power, 103 hp and 75 ft/lbs of torque, with a very flat power curve. This a bike very capable of touring and with weight in the same neighborhood as these other motor bikes. With this weight it also handles very well. Buell also has the lightning and the firebolt 1200cc models. These are sportbikes with a monstrous 84 ft/lbs of torque, the power is also a very impressive 103 horsepower. If you enjoy that v-twin sound and love to carve corners with a narrow bike, sport twin bikes are for you. There are many v-twin options today, from sporty bikes for the street, to full racetrack motorbikes.